be thankful for every single thing you have in your life :}

there is always a thousand reasons to smile.
Thursday, October 14, 2010

new class, new semester!

hihi people! my precious holiday had ended :[ but on a happy note, i've made new friend in my new class!
 [just to let you guys know, in RP we changed classes for every semester!]
this time, i actually adapt to the new class way faster than i thought! 

i used to say that i dislike my previous class but now my mindset is changed!
in fact, i miss them alot now :} haha! i always thought that even if we are going to change class, none of my ex-classmate is going to remember me. Yet, they prove me wrong. For the past few days, i have been receiving comments that they miss my laughter and voice alot! such simple words did actually brigthen up my day ^^ really want thank God that i did leave such a good impression to others! 

i miss them alot!! *sorry that this photo is small!* haha

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there is always a thousand reasons to smile.
Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Great news!!
i changed my blogskin!! :} i do love the whole idea of using summer photo so that when me myself look at my own blog, i would feel a sense of joyfulness and being in the sunshine! is also like a reminder to me that life wasn't that tough to live in. 

i'm here to share a great news!! i passed my programming! 

alright, for people who do not know, i'm currently studying in RP taking IT courses. It's not a course that i wanted or rather learning IT related stuff, it's always what i'm fear of. But i do believe in one fact-"everything happens for a reason'. 

anyway i got a B grade!! :} i'm so happy and touched  that when i see my result, i was jumping up and down! praise God :}

So for this past fews month, i really learned one important lesson that: when we place in a situation that we never want or hated to be in, it's okay to complain and cry over it BUT they could only be once and for all. life has to goes on. it's only when you keep on moving then would life brings you to somewhere else.

 favourite phrase of the day: (In a world where you can be anything, remember be yourself!)

Goodnight people :}

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there is always a thousand reasons to smile.
Sunday, October 03, 2010
hi my dear blog! finally I'm back to you again!

after 7 months of not blogging, i decided to start blogging again! (being planing to start on the first day of the month) .

life in poly wasn't that smooth for me. i was going through ups and downs during this few month. . A new environment, new education system,new class, meeting new people-it felt so different in secondary school where I'm was being protected by the people around me. it was this time that i grew so close to God that i was so filled with his love every single day. He is always there to comfort me and assure me with his promises!

God is good all the time!!~~

*short post for today! i am gonna to update more soon!*


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there is always a thousand reasons to smile.
Thursday, December 31, 2009

goodbye 2009, welcome 2010~~

is a brand new year again! let me just do some reflection before i move on to 2010.
i feel 2009 is a year that i learn alot of thing from different people.
i start to learn how to look thing at different point of views,
-not take thing from granted,
-more responsible of the decsion that i made
-letting go the unnecessary burden i have and
-more sensitive to my surrounding. Most importantly i learned how to
laugh it out when something happen which i used to think
is a big situation that im unable to solve it or let it go..
indeed, 2009 is a challenaging year! but more than just looking at the negative
side of this whole year, i really want thank God for such a wonderful year i have :}
i am excited for 2010! wondering what God had plan for me for this brand new year.
my first wish for this brand new year is: GOOD RESULT FOR O'level :}

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there is always a thousand reasons to smile.
Monday, December 28, 2009
back to update!! the taka team!!

finally i have some time for myself to really sit down and update my blog! ;]
managing taka counter had finally ended *i be back to ion to work*
is a miracle for us to hit the target at the end of the day!
i remember how our team felt so impossible to hit the target especially
we have limited time to fulfill it! As the leader over there, though i encourage them tokeep on going yet i myself have the mindset that this is a IMPOSSIBLE mission.
i really want thank God for his word on that day!
i went to camp believe cg and the word for that day is about our mindset.
felt God speak to me loud and clear that if you want a breakthrough,
START BELIEVEING! the one who leads the sheep must first change the mindset,
then the sheep could follow. after hearing the word, i sms all my team people
and we begin to keep believeing something will happen at the end of the day.
*O* i really want to say a big thank you to the taka team!
you guys are so amazing! ;} you guys are the one to keep on believeing with me
that we can do it!~~ i know there are times we felt so hard to hit the target
because there is really no customer around! yet you guys didnt gave up but keep on cheering :} that the spirit i want for our team! you guys fulfill what i want.
i want to thank michelle!!~~ I LOVE her alot!!!!!!!!!!!!
she understand me so well that sometimes i don have to say much thing yet
just by looking at my expression, she could tell what am i thinking!
oh man she read me like a book :}
working with her might felt being pressure by her but compared to that,
i think i enjoy alot because she someone that protect her full/part timer!!
i love talking to her!!! thank God i have such a lovely manager.
such a wordy post! but well at least i update some proper post :}

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there is always a thousand reasons to smile.
Sunday, December 06, 2009

short update!~~ be back soon

alright, i know my blog is somehow dead. have not been updating for few week!
today I'm going to save my blog! hehe *O*
been working non-stop for this past few day! in fact my schedule for this month
is so pack that i got to know how to arrange my time properly so i be
able to work at the same time attending church event~~
this week is the most challenging one as i got lots of event that fall on this week.
i got to go now! rushing off to work. be back to update *O*

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there is always a thousand reasons to smile.
Sunday, November 15, 2009

"manage your schedule well and not let your schedule manage you."
this few day i had a good rest before i start my busy week!
anyway i went back to my previous job for last year,
since im so called *the old bird* already, lots of task is given out for me to handle!
i felt so challenge by it but at the same time im enjoying it *O*
thank God for opportunity for handling more responsibility as well as enlarging my capacity.
only when you are faithful to small little thing,
then you would be able to handle larger task.
am i tired right now? i would say thats the only beginning of being really busy!
yes! i'm enjoying the life of working and serving God.
lastly,i want thank God i found a job that i'm able to still go for cg and service.
just love my life so much!!
*love life and life will love you back*

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About Me
hihi! my name is sin ee :} born on 19 march 1992, 18 years old this year
i'm someone who love sharing my thoughts and feeling and about my own life
yea, i love my life and the people i'm with alot ;]

so i wanna thank God for all the thing he had placed in my life